To create educational opportunities for the adolescent citizens who are living in rural areas to build their capacity, skills and mentality to get livelihood of their choice. It will be an occasion to evolve the self reliance attitude among rural human resources. Thus it can create self-reliant rural economy and ultimately it will lead to fulfill India’s dream of SWARAJ.


  • To set up such arrangements, so that all the adolescents in the rural area complete their Secondary and Higher Secondary education till their age of 18 year.
  • To provide opportunities to the adolescents to enhance vocational skills according to local employability, along with completing their main stream SSC / HSC exam.
  • To set up surroundings as such the adolescent can develop their employment career with competency and dignity of labour attitude and they can also develop entrepreneurship character.
  • To strengthen the local market system, which nourish the rural economy; syllabus designed in such a way that the adolescents can develop loyal to business ethics attitude and to develop their confidence to resurge for local livelihood opportunity.
  • Honour the adolescent age students’ physical & emotional impulses. Then to execute the programs which enable the students to response the active challenges. So the every student becomes responsible citizen and noble human.
  • Acknowledge the importance of family for proper bringing up of the students; and for that, to empower the family for their economical and ideological soundness.