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Providing education to children who have migrated within Gujarat is a major challenge.

The education of migrant children in Gujarat is a significant challenge. In the Surendranagar district of Gujarat, there is a small desert called “Little Run of Kachchh”, where the people of Khara Godha and the surrounding villages migrate to work in the salt pans for eight months, along with their families, leaving behind the education of their children.

The “Ganatar” organization, actively engaged in the field of children’s education, has considered working on the education of these migrating children in different locations. This includes running the community’s livelihood businesses even at their work sites, ensuring that the children are educated right where they are. For this purpose, Ganatar has initiated Tambu Shala (tent schools) in the desert, which is the first step towards the education of migrating children. This documentary showcases life in the desert, the lives of migrants, their livelihoods, and the impact of the Tambu Shala initiated by Ganatar.